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How To Make Money As A Student

Making money as a student may not cut out to be the most straightforward task in the world; however, with the right hacks, making money as a student may be less of a hassle.

Maintaining a financial life amidst a tight student schedule can be a bit difficult for obvious reasons. More than with regular allowance, your own earned money requires more financial responsibilities.

Making money without compromise to academic success requires you have, amongst other qualities, a good sense of priority to help you stay academically and financially consistent.

20 Ways to Make Money as a Student

The best way to keep your academics in check while making money as a student is by utilizing your environment “school” to drive your entrepreneurship

In this article, we look at some of the best ways to make money as a student.

1. Explore your Natural Talent

Talent works all the time, and what’s more? They cost $0 to learn. You could easily tap into your abilities for some cool cash.

It could be makeup, fashion, style, or arts, whatever you enjoy doing. All you need do is find your target audience on campus.

It is always a win-win when selling your talents; you make money while enjoying doing what you love to do. All you need to sacrifice is a little bit of your spare time_ a small sacrifice to attain financial buoyancy.

2. Publish an eBook

If you have got good enough writing skills, you will fare just fine writing an eBook. All you need is your good writing skills and a good idea for a book.

With an eBook, you can make money without raising a finger once your book is published. You are only actively engaged as long as the writing lasts; once you are published, you make money passively for as long as your book sells.

The advantage of this is that only a small percentage of your spare time is used up, so little to no hindrance is done to schooling. You also get to learn new things from actively researching for your book.

3. Run a Delivery Service

NO! You don’t need a car to run delivery. A motorcycle or even a bicycle can suffice. You could opt to deliver goods for an online store, or you could deliver food for an online food vendor for some cash.

The advantage of this is that you have an excellent flex on your schedule, so you don’t have to worry about work time clashing into class time. If you deliver by bicycle, you also get some of that quality exercise as a side bonus.

4. Tutoring

Tutoring is easily one of the best ways to make money as a student. You could tutor your school mates, some sets of juniors, or some high school students for some cash. 

While tutoring relatively common subjects like chemistry, physics, and mathematics might be highly competitive as many people can opt to teach these courses, you could teach a less common subject like a foreign language you’ve gained mastery of.

With tutoring, you can make as much as $10 per hour at the very least. However, be sure to publicize adequately on websites or through flyers to reach out to your audience.

5. Work Part-time in a Library

If you love being around books, this may be the one for you. Most public libraries hire hourly at reasonable prices for pretty easy tasks like shelving books.

This job type is convenient as it is usually done part-time, so your academics do not have to suffer as you earn money.

6. Earn as a Freelance Writer

You do not have to be a professional writer to write as a freelancer. If you can as much as write a “good enough” essay, you can write as a freelancer.

To write as a freelancer, you might want to start by registering with a freelancing website that collects the least percentage cuts. Next, you create an attractive writer’s profile from which you apply for jobs.

With freelancing writing, you should write in a niche that matches your field of study or expertise, so you get the added advantage as an expert. For example, if you are a finance and accounts student, creating a profile with your academic project work as receipts would sure give you leverage.

Since you already have considerable experience writing college essays, writing as a freelancer shouldn’t be so difficult.

While your writing as a student may be with the academic style, you might want to familiarize yourself with the blog writing style as this is more relevant for blogs and websites where you are likely to get most of your clients.

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7. Earn money as a Translator

If you are multilingual, then you can translate for cash. Translation jobs are hardly as competitive as regular writing; this makes it easy to earn with no hassle.

The advantage of this is that there is no special skill required to be a translator; all you need is mastery of both languages.

An excellent place to sell your translation services is on a good freelancing website. You can earn as much as $100 per hour as a translator. You could also teach your added language for money.

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8. Donate Some Blood for Cash

You could donate some of your plasma for money. However, be sure to make inquiries on requirements and legislation before proceeding to donate blood.  

The beautiful side to this is that you purify your blood while making money through blood donation and save some lives. There are hardly any downsides to blood donation unless, of course, you fear needles.

9. Try Out Online Surveys

If you want to spend your spare time making money, then you can take up an online survey. By participating in surveys online, you can make cool cash with just a few clicks.

Although online surveys are not as lucrative as typical part-time jobs, they are an excellent way to utilize your spare time for profit-making. Online surveys are best used as secondary income as they bring relatively less pay than other jobs.

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10. Websites and Apps Reviews

There are various websites and apps available for review online, platforms like UserTesting, Enroll, and Whatusersdo allows you to make money from reviews as you navigate through websites.

Although website reviews are only useful as secondary income as they only pay a small token, they are an excellent way to spend your lunch breaks making money.

11. Becoming an Uber Driver

This is an easy way to make money within your set schedule. However, the deal with being an Uber driver is that you need a car to start up. You also need to meet all legal criteria to function; for example, you must have reached the minimum age for driving in your locality.

If you’ve got a car and you are certified to drive, all you have to do is sign up a contract to make some cool cash. Quick and easy!

12. Selling Your Used Textbook

Your used textbooks can fetch you more than dust on the shelf. They can fetch you some cash fast and easy too.

You could quickly sell your used textbook to an online vendor at next to cost. There are various platforms from which you can sell your textbook, a good example being

Most of these platforms are available as mobile apps. All you do is enter your textbooks ISBN on the app to see how much they sell.

You might also want to check on your textbook price history, so you know when best they sell by comparing the textbooks’ prices across different periods.

If you intend to sell your textbook in the future, you want to hold on to a good maintenance culture so that your products are marketable. However, your books are not tidy; you want to clean them well before the sale.

13. Become a Graphics Designer

If you are good at graphics design, you could design logos and business cards for small businesses.

The graphic business is lucrative; with increasing market digitalization, graphics designers have a growing market.

Whether it be eBook covers, t-shirts, prints, business cards, wall art, or packaged products, graphic design has gained considerable relevance in today’s world make it an excellent skill to sell.

With graphics, all your clients do not have to be off-campus. Your school and school mates can also hire your expertise to design simple flyers and posters.

14. Sell Your Old Techs and Gadgets

If you have the latest version of your phone or game console and do not want to hold on to the older version, you could easily sell them off for cash.

You can also make a list of all gadgets you no longer use and put them up for sale on Decluttr. With Decluttr, you can sell your products fast and easy.

15. Reselling Clothes and Fashion Accessories

If you are a lover of fashion and fashion trends, this may be the one for you. You could buy clothes, shoes, and bags that go well with the present trends and resell them for a profit.

Before proceeding to buy products for reselling, be sure you’ve met with the target population to know their preferences; this helps you to cut risk.

Also, make sure you get the right publicity for your services. You could advertise your products over your social media handles, or better yet, you could design flyers to be distributed on campus.

You do not have to worry about a favorable market while on campus. Everyone wears clothes! And of course, the highest demand comes from the younger generations.

16. Run Minor Jobs in Your Locality

If you are the physical type, you could do some manual labor for cash. You could opt to help clear the lawn for your customers, and you could also help customers move their loads for relocation.

If you are experienced in more skillful jobs like painting, plumbing, and electrical installation, you could also offer your service at a fair rate for money.

17. Take Part in Paid Medical Experiment

It is not uncommon to see health agencies come to campuses occasionally to carry out surveys. You could take part in one such survey for some money.

You could earn as much as $20 per hour from participating in a medical or psychology survey.

The downside to this, however, is its inconsistency. You only earn when there is a survey; otherwise, you don’t earn.

18. Open a YouTube channel

The good side to earning from a YouTube channel is that you need next to nothing to start up one. If you can deliver just the right content, you could gain a significant number of subscribers. This provides you with a market base good enough to start an affiliate marketing network.

You could make site recommendations for products on your YouTube channel. With this, you make money as long as people purchase via your affiliate links.

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19. Work as a Salesperson for a Store

This is pretty much the traditional weekend work model where you work in a cafe, restaurant, or store at an hourly rate. Although this is highly lucrative, the downside to it is its rigidity. You do not have control over your schedule this way.

20. Save More, Spend Less

If you are not cut out for the fore listed jobs, you want to hold on to a prudent budget. Be financially responsible. While this may not actively help you make money, it enables you to save up money for more important uses.

If you work, you still want to spend your money wisely to not fall into wasteful spending, which could be easily addicting.

Final Thoughts

This article provided you with some of the best paying jobs you can do with no jeopardy to your academic success. We hope you are able to find which job type works best for you, the one that fits well into your schedule.

With an early experience making money, you learn financial intelligence and responsibility, both critical skills in maintaining economic buoyancy.

We explain how you can make money, save money and grow money.

Make money: learn how to build wealth and how to earn money from the internet.

Save money: learn how to save money and how to make budget plans.

Grow money: learn how to invest and trade.

Please note that under no circumstances should any information from this blog be used as replacement for professional financial advice.

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